Simple Crafts You Can Make Today

Looking for something fun to do with your kids this weekend, over a school vacation, or just on a boring rainy day? Here are some ideas for easy to make crafts at home.

Themed Cards
Cards can be made for any occasion – holidays, birthdays, cheering someone up who caught a case of the sniffles, or just to say hi. This craft can be as easy as some paper and markers or made more exciting with hole punches and stickers.

Glitter Slime
A little messier, this one requires some grown-up help. But it only takes 2 ingredients – Elmer’s glitter glue and liquid starch. Combine one part glue to one part liquid starch (approx. one 5 oz. bottle of glue, and 1/2 cup starch). Stir ingredients with a spoon to start, then smush with hands for about 5 minutes to reach a good consistency. A few drops of food coloring may be added if the glue didn’t provide enough color payoff, but that is optional.

Rock Candy
A science experiment you can eat? What’s better than that! It will take about a week to grow this crystal candy. Boil 1 cup of water, and stir in 3 cups of sugar a spoonful at a time until it dissolves. Once sugar starts accumulating at the bottom and will no longer dissolve, the water is fully saturated and ready to go. Pour the liquid into the jar, minus any extra sugar left at the bottom, and add a few drops of food coloring. Tie a string or piece of yarn (cotton or wool work best) to a popsicle stick, and balance it across the top of the jar with the string hanging into the liquid. The string should not touch the bottom of the jar. Place the jar in a safe spot, and watch as the sugar crystallizes onto the string. A napkin or coffee filter may be placed over the jar to keep dust out. You should see progress every day. When ready, you can either keep it or eat it.